Loge De Getande Rand no. 222

Gevestigd te Alphen aan den Rijn

"Veritas vos Liberabit"




" The Tesselated Border "

Regular Lodge no. 222 of Free and accepted masons

The Grand Oriënt of the Netherlands

Established in the middle of South Holland
@ Alphen aan den RijnThe brothers of the active Lodge of Freemasons at Alphen aan den Rijn work under charter from the Grand Orient of the Netherlands. The Lodge assembles every Thursday, except for the summer holidays. The Lodge has an active membership of about 40 brothers mainly from Alphen aan den Rijn and its vicinity.

When you visit our lodge, you will meet brothers with varying spiritual beliefs and different backgrounds, from local protestant Christians to reform, from Jewish to Arab and animist drawn from different levels in society.
What we have in common is: · The commitment of each member to develop and improve himself, mentally and spiritually. 
· The desire to do this in harmony with the other members .
· The knowledge that there are several means and ways to spiritual progress .
· The respect for each others religion, beliefs and outlook on the world.
· The respect for all people regardless of their belief, race, ideas, education, social class etc. 
By listening to each other, learning from each other and due to our strong commitment to behave like brothers, our evenings at the Lodge are lively, well attended unique gatherings not to be missed by a visitor to our region. The name of the Lodge "De Getande Rand" may be unfamiliar to others, but to freemasons it has deep meanings.
It refers to the serrated border, which surrounds our place of gathering, which is intended to protect us from intruders while affording us the needed safety and comfort to allow us to work freely and in confidence. The Ragged Edge became a symbol for closeness, fidelity and trust amongst the brothers of the Lodge.
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