Network for Young Freemasons

Under the Juristiction of the Grand Orient of the Netherlands, the Network Young Freemasons (NJV) is a network that helps connecting Freemasons under the age of 41. Our goal is to exchange knowledge, experiences and vision on Freemasonry in the context of age and the changing questions life brings. We achieve this by organizing activities in cooperation with Ambassadors, Lodges, and the Grand Lodge.

The Network consists of a board with 6 brothers, regional Ambassadors that connect the physical network and of members that uphold the chain. The board organizes three to four activities a year, and regional activities are organized by the Ambassadors in collaboration with the members.



As a symbol of our network we use the Beehive. Every member gets a pin of a bee, representing youth, initiative and unity.

Becoming a member

If you’re a mason and are member of the Grand Orient (GodN) your welcome to join, if you’re younger than 41. If you’re a member of a different Grandlodge outside of the Netherlands you can be affiliated and we’ll keep you updated on our progress.

If you’re not a freemason yet, and you’re interested in joining, contact us and we’ll help you one step further to joining the Order.


Start a Network

If you believe the structure and the activities we use could be useful in your country, and you have the will to set up a network of a similar kind, we’d love to help you. We can share our experiences, give tips on how to setup your infrastructure and communication.

If you have any questions, contact us on this adress.